Have you ever heard “it takes a village”? That doesn’t only apply to raising a child. Caribbean culture is very focused on togetherness, and there’s nothing we love more than our bellies! Today I wanted to share with you the lovely meal I shared yesterday with my brothers, a few friends and some of the young men in my home village.

This post is less for the food and more “for the culture.” According to Urban Dictionary, “doing it for the culture” refers to when a person or a group of people do something that they usually wouldn’t do just because the thing they’re doing is hyped. Which, essentially is what’s happening in these photos. Hyped up as a group, the young men decided to start making hearty meals to share among themselves and subsequently that hype led to my participation and this post.

Honestly, by “participation” I mean I sat around and absorbed the atmosphere while capturing photos. Bajans love to lime, and this was no exception as anyone not helping with the meal still hung around, waiting for it to cook and “gaffing” or making jokes.

“THEA!”, my brother and his friends shouted for me and my friend  who were exhausted of “liming” and went inside to watch American Dad on Netflix. However, we rushed outside at the call with bowls, spoons and two tall glasses filled with ice and mauby to enjoy the entirely vegetarian meal.

Curry, rice, a whole pot full of ground provisions, banana and dumplings. This would definitely qualify as a MEAL, both me and my friend found it difficult to finish our bowls which surprised us both since we both enjoy food so much. It was another “vibe” as we laughed at people going back for seconds, made bets on who would and teased anyone who showed sign of “nigoritus” (sleepiness after eating).

There is a common misconception of people who spend their days “liming” and it means a lot to me that I can share one of the many wholesome activities I’ve seen these young men get up to. Thanks so much for reading!