Have you ever had something you really wanted to express but tattooing it to your forehead seemed a bit irrational? Well Button Babe Bim has fun and quirky buttons which can do just that! It’s a great way to promote your views, express your beliefs or proclaim your fandoms!
My custom-ordered “Island MYST” button alongside a Barbados flag button pinned to my Le Pliage Hobo bag.

Cassie at Button Babe Bim was awesome enough to choose me to help promote her buttons, which meant I got to select two for myself! I e-mailed her and placed an order for custom-made “Island MYST” and “SuperWhoLock” buttons because those are two things I feel very strongly toward.

My other buttons.

I bought three other buttons, featuring Peter Capaldi of Doctor Who, the phrase “Feminism is for Everyone”, a Barbados flag! She even threw in a “Button Babe Bim” pin! I urge you to check them out on Facebook. The buttons are also extremely affordable – BBD$3.50 for one and BBD$10 for three!


I’m wearing NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream in “Copenhagen” brushed on very lightly so the colour isn’t too harsh. This has easily become one of my favourite lip colours.

Also, you might notice that my ears are now stretched to a 6g. I went to Terry at WSalons at The Bridge Street Mall – definitely the place to go for body modification in Barbados. They’re very professional and friendly. It was moderately painful because they had to be stretched to a 4g to fit the flared ends of the jewelry I’m wearing but nothing too unbearable.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions about Button Babe Bim (or anything actually) feel free to send me a Facebook message or DM me on Twitter!

Hello readers! After months of chit-chatting, I finally got together with Sean Parris of Deck’d Out Apparel to bring this post to you.

Two years ago Deck’d Out Apparel was created with the goal of flooding the Barbadian urban and street wear market with uncommon but simple brands, clothing, and accessories. Presently, no one in Barbados or anywhere else in the Caribbean, for that matter, is catering to the increasing demand for street wear clothing, and it is with this in mind that we intend to provide quality products and service through the website. With big dreams and minimum funds, the Deck’d Out Apparel team started carrying a limited stock list of items. Patience, timing and support from followers, helped the online store grow to what it has become today. The journey to this point has not been easy, and it is far from over. Through continued hard work and determination, we will push through and continue to grow and provide a one-stop shop for buyers all through the region.

I’m wearing a classic fit “Classic Liberty Tee” by Akomplice Clothing with the sleeves cuffed and shorts with spiked studs down the sides from Forever21 which are both available for reasonable prices at Deck’d Out Apparel.

My hair is done in simple single braids and I’m wearing a red paisley bandana to add a “rough” touch to the look. My boots are thrifted and have been seen before in this post.

My makeup was done by Ormya Makeup who has installed false individual lashes for me flawlessly for a previous occasion and once again did not disappoint.

Make sure you  check out Deck’d Out Apparel on Facebook!

Thank you for reading.

A new accessory trend has finally hit Barbados! Making its statement in Spring of 2013 and becoming all the rage during the music festival season, floral headbands are perfect for our bright, sunny days.


These adorable accessories are perfect for the tropical weather here in Barbados. Wear them to the beach, an outdoor barbecue, a wedding – anywhere you want, actually. I had the opportunity to model some of these super cute headbands by NU 2 U Vintage Boutique.


Here are some floral headband styling tips:

  1. Keep your hair wavy/curly/messy – this really adds to the hippy/boho feel these head pieces have.
  2. Stick to neutral makeup – a soft lip, thin eyeliner, gentle blush – let the head piece be the statement.
  3. Wear it with a relaxed outfit – for example: denims, cute girly dresses or maxi skirts.


Floral head pieces are inexpensive and easy to make if you’re feeling creative! Just head over to YouYube and search for a simple DIY video.


The pieces modelled were crafted by NU 2 U Vintage Boutique who can be contacted at +1(246)-824-9253. Photography by the amazing Melissa Gibbs. Thank you for reading, comments are welcome as always!