You’ve probably seen these gels somewhere – in a retail store, a friend’s snap story or used by natural hair enthusiasts for styling. I do not generally use gel but I was curious to see the results on my new short-medium length hair so I purchased a couple of the popular Ecoco Eco Style gels from Paradise Beauty, in Sheraton Mall, Barbados. (Yes – I got the Coconut Oil gel in Bim!)

I grabbed the NEW! Coconut Oil gel first because it caught my eyes instantly. My photos unfortunately do not do any justice to how pretty the mini sparkles in the gel are. I wanted to have another one in case the Coconut Oil failed to impress me, based on reading numerous negative reviews and watching my favourites hate on the product on YouTube. I eventually decided on the Olive Oil gel, which is usually reviewed positively and boasted similar features to the Coconut Oil such as:

  • For All Hair Types
  • Alcohol Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Sulfate Free
  • “No Flaking”
  • Anti-Itch
  • All Day Hold –  MAX 10

The consistencies of the gels are pretty similar, with the Olive Oil being a bit thicker yet sleek compared to the “gunky” feeling of the glitter in the Coconut Oil formula. I personally disliked the scent of the Coconut Oil gel because it seemed fake or plastic but that’s probably just my island-girl bias and thankfully it fades quickly after drying. My preference is the Olive Oil scent (I got it in my nose trying to sniff it)  and I would describe it as very crisp, however as mentioned previously the scents are only noticeable during application.  

To test which product I preferred, I did a “spritz and go” style by soaking my clean (dry) hair with water using a spray bottle and following with Cantu’s Coconut Curling Cream for definition and moisture followed by the gels. I did one half of my hair with Coconut and the other with Olive. I wanted to include some other opinions so I took to my awesome Snapchat fam and asked you guys to vote on which you liked more (which I’ll share at the end).

Eco Style Coconut Oil Wash and Go | DAY 2
Eco Style Olive Oil Wash and Go | DAY 2

I started with the Coconut Oil and loved how it defined my hair, however after using the Olive Oil it was clear that side was going to be more defined seeing it was much heavier and had more shrinkage. I slept with a Satin Bonnet (mentioned in a previous post here), without manipulating my hair in any way and stretched it in the morning to achieve the above results. Pictures are worth a thousand words so I’m sure from my photos it is evident that the Olive Oil not only defined my curls and reduced frizz more effectively than the Coconut Oil but also allowed for increased shine. However, the Coconut Oil had a much stronger hold for updos and laying edges.

Coconut Oil
7/10 – Wash and Go | 9/10 – Edges
Olive Oil (Snapchat’s favourite)
10/10 – Wash and Go | 7/10 Edges

Thanks so much for reading and for being so patient on this review! Have you tried these products? What do you think?


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