I was blessed with the opportunity to share my jewelry designs with the lovely ladies who attended the Girls Night Out Barbados Mix & Mingle on Saturday, Feb 18th 2017. I bet you’re wondering “What is Girls Night Out Bds?” Essentially it’s a female empowerment movement that addresses emotional issues/scars in women and” connects them to their purpose.” The event was a lovely experience where amazing women shared their short stories, empowerment and creations in a safe environment. All ages, all shades and all hair textures with one commonality – being a queen.


My first experience with GNOBDS was when empowerment advocate, Jalisia, approached me about sharing something personal I’ve struggled with on their snapchat. I chose to keep things light, addressing the difficulty of being in a long distance relationship and answering any questions the followers had about the topic or anything else.

I met the most amazing women, shared hugs and advice and enjoyed some cupcakes during the “mingle” intermission.

Myself and the darling Chloe ย of Naomi ‘N Doll, who took some of the photos I used in this blog post. Thank you so much, dear! Please go show her blog some love.

I prefer to keep the content of the Mix & Mingle private, as the women who shared their stories deserve mutual respect. However, I look forward so much to the next event and I invite all of my readers to follow the @girlsnightoutbds Instagram page for more information on the next date. Thank you so much for reading, islandmysters!

Photos byย A.B.I Productions and Chloe of Naomi ‘N Doll.

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