A beautiful Wednesday morning, birds shattering and the sun blazing brightly. And I can’t find anything to wear.
I’ve experienced this way too many times and addressed it the same way I always do, by “borrowing” something from one of my little brother’s closets. I found a simple white fishnet vest (similar here) and grabbed a pair of scissors to transform it into a crop top that I paired with a simple strapless black bra.

I wanted to emphasize the “ripped” look of the fishnet mesh so I cut a strip from the bottom of the vest and tied it around my neck comfortably as a quick DIY choker that perfectly matched my top!
I’m also wearing a white ToyWatch (available on Amazon here) and one of my handmade waist beads (available here).

I met up with photographer and friend Alex Alleyne to take some nice shots in Bridgetown, chill a little and grab a coffee and cookie from one of my regular stops Italia Coffee House.

Thank you so much for reading, let me know if you try a similar DIY choker! All photos are by Alex Alleyne who can be contacted atΒ alex.alleyne23@gmail.com.


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